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Chill & Lounge Vibrations: Your Eyes

by Shawn Kingsberry

Released 2014
Released 2014
Is the mind of God a symphony of vibrating strings within the universe? Shawn Kingsberry agrees with the great string theorists, as he leverages the universal vibration for his musical project: Chill & Lounge Vibrations “Protocol”. Using, and reaching past, technology to touch the human soul, Chill & Lounge Vibrations “Protocol” brings a smooth jazz techno-groove that is sure to touch your heart and soothe your mind.
The Chill & Lounge Vibrations “Protocol” project is a step beyond the recent history of technology and music. As teenagers in the 1980s, Michael and Shawn Kingsberry wrote music that was used by major labels, platinum producers, and political commercials. The brothers contacted record labels indirectly through contacts, using the U.S. Postal Service to send their music by cassette tape and later by compact disk. In that era of analog records, making music required the right gear to lay down the tracks and mix and master a recording. Time seemed to equal quality, and
Is the mind of God really a symphony of vibrating strings, as the great string theorist, Michio Kaku, says? Reaching past technology to touch the human soul, Chill & Lounge Vibrations "Protocol" communicates with its listeners on a metaphysical level through musical vibration. In the field of Information Technology, a "Protocol" specifies interactions between communicating entities. In the same way, Chill & Lounge Vibrations "Protocol" communicates with your heart-mind to transform your experience and shift your perspective.

The Chill & Lounge Vibrations “Protocol” is truly an experiment. I titled this project “Protocol” as I am a technology professional and a protocol is a method of communicating. Music is a language or protocol in itself. If you approach music from the acoustical engineering vantage point, it is the branch of engineering dealing with sound and vibrations. It is the application of acoustics, the science of sound and vibration, in technology. At its basic form music is merely molecules vibrating. Once the molecules reach your ear, it triggers a vibration of your ear drum which your brain then translates into meaning. The really interesting thing about music is the meaning can have absolutely nothing to do with words. The translation of music is sounds, tempo’s, silence which creates emotions. The outcome sets a mood and triggers past experiences. Music speaks to your soul.

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