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Press Release Shawn Kingsberry EP release



Shawn Kingsberry’s self-titled EP beckons one back in time, creating a “chillaxing” infusion of jazz, neo-soul, and R&B - all from inspirations of the sounds of the 80s.

“Do the best you can. Set it free and let the world hear your music” - Shawn Kingsberry

(KENSINGTON, MARYLAND U.S.A.) MARCH 30th, 2016 – Multi-talented singer, songwriter, and producer Shawn Kingsberry mesmerizes his listeners with four tranquil tunes in his latest release, the Shawn Kingsberry EP. The project is a full-bore fusion of jazz, neo-soul, and R&B that create smooth, soothing soundscapes. The Shawn Kingsberry EP puts a modern day spin onto 1980s "old-school" styles. Shawn’s ultimate goal is to have listeners chillaxing in his brand new, “old-school” sound.


Shawn has previously released twelve separate singles since 2011, with the Shawn Kingsberry EP being his first full-length offering. Within this EP, he displays an unparalleled ability to combine emotive lyrics with a purposely simplified musical phrasing. He explains, “I deliberately avoid complex music; I write with the goal to put my listeners in a mood to chillax.”


Shawn utilizes a blend of both live and analog instruments into a broad palette of electronic samples and sounds. The Shawn Kingsberry EP taps into an amalgam of genres - some retro - resulting in a novel and natural meld of his muses. “I made sure also to use incredible musicians on my EP to add dynamics and touch the soul,” offers Kingsberry. The tracks on this EP tap into Shawn’s musical influences which include, Maxwell, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, and Boney James.


All songs on the Shawn Kingsberry EP are originals penned by him and feature two talented artists; William Triplett on lead guitar, and Kevin Lewis on bass. Key tracks on the EP are “Old School”, with its slow groove and relaxing R&B sound. “Time with My Baby” displays a sultry slow-tempo mix of neo-soul. “Nothing Like Christmas” (feat. William Triplett,) is an up-tempo tune with a jazzy beat that also features Shawn’s son Christopher.


Shawn developed a fantastic set of skills over years in the music business, which include working in a production unit of TJ Thompson, (Immature.) Also, he has also produced music for Harvey Alston, (Keith Sweat, Teddy Riley.) In many ways, Shawn Kingsberry has evolved into a poetic professor of his unique "Academy of Style." Within the Shawn Kingsberry EP he beckons listeners to chillax inside the walls of his brand new, “old-school” sound.


Shawn Kingsberry
Tel: (703)216-9537


New Release - Your Eyels


I recently released "Your Eyes".  It's new and different.  I feel really good about this release.  Your Eyes features "Chris Dunn" on guitar.  Together we created a "Smooth Jazz" recording with an update dance rhythm. 


Check it out and let me know what you think.


~ Shawn  ~

Single Release January 23, 2014 - My Soul is Yours


Another new single release "My Soul is Yours" which makes up the "Chill & Lounge Vibrations Album".  Check it out in iTunes and other digital distribution venues.  Keep a listen out for new releases of the next month.


Much love,



Single Release January 14th - Motions


Check out my new single release Motions which was released January 14th.  I appreciate all of your support and love over the past year.  2014 is the year for good music.  I'll be releasing six more songs over the next month.  Keep a listen out and feel free to give me feedback.


Much love,



Featured on Music Arts Monthly


I was featured on the Music Arts Monthly.

Featured on MPV SW1 Community Radio the Heart of London


MPV SW1 Community Radio "The Heart of London" Pod Cast.

Press Release - Chill & Lounge Vibrations - Just Relax



Contact: Shawn Kingsberry



Kensington, Maryland April 30, 2013 - Rhythm and Blues Producer, Shawn Kingsberry takes center stage with his new single release titled "Just Relax".  Just Relax incorporates styles of electronic music with a R&B mellow twist.  Shawn Kingsberry, a R&B writer produceNeva's worked with a variety of platinum production companies has created this unique sound combining "chill out" with jazz and R&B.

I am excited to release this new sound that is guaranteed to make you chill, "says Shawn".  Close your eyes and "Just Relax" is sure to put you in "chill rooms" from the 1990's at dance clubs, where relaxing music was played to allow dancers a chance to "chill out" from the more emphatic and fast-tempo music played on the main dance floor.

Just Relax is easy listening and belongs to the Chill & Lounge Vibrations collection that will be released August 2913.


Chill & Lounge Vibrations


I'm currently working on the Chill & Lounge Vibrations CD.  This will be true "Chillout" music with an R&B twist.  My goal is to do something a little different and have fun doing it.  Keep a look out as I will be releasing each song as a single over the next few months.

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New Release - Peace Love and Happiness